The SolarWall® Transpired Solar Collector (TSC) is an innovative solar air heating system that utilises solar radiation to deliver naturally warmed fresh air into buildings.

With no moving parts, low energy running costs and minimal CO2 emissions, the SolarWall® technology provides a truly renewable heat energy source. Payback periods for the technology can be as low as three years for new build and seven years for refurbishment projects.

The principle of the SolarWall® system is simple. Installed as an additional skin to a building’s southerly elevation, SolarWall® consists of a pre-coated, profiled steel sheet with thousands of tiny perforations uniformly spaced across the full face of the collector.

As solar radiation strikes the surface of the SolarWall® panel and is absorbed, solar heat conducts to the thermal boundary layer of air which lines the outer surface of the panel. This heated layer of air is then drawn through the perforations into an air cavity which is created between the SolarWall® panel and the original elevation behind.

From the air cavity, the fresh, solar heated air can then be introduced directly into the building as ventilation air (industrial applications), or ducted into a HVAC unit (commercial & residential applications), where it can be used as a pre-heater for the building’s main heating system.

As a result of supplying fresh, solar heated air into the building, the SolarWall® system can help to effectively eliminate internal negative pressure situations and heat stratification problems that can be associated with modern air tight buildings. The system can also be designed to meet specific regulatory ventilation codes as well as providing significant reductions in annual energy consumption and resulting CO2 emissions.

Jaguar Land Rover Academy SolarWall®
Jaguar Land Rover Academy SolarWall®

Independently Proven Savings

The SolarWall® TSC has been independently tested, monitored, recorded and proven by BSRIA to produce heating cost savings of up to 50%. Furthermore, an independently thermally modelled report by Battle McCarthy proved SolarWall® TSC can provide up to 20% of a building’s total energy requirements. SolarWall® is recognised globally as a renewable energy form in its own right.

As part of the ongoing development and accreditation of the SolarWall® system as a renewable technology it has been endorsed by five of the UK’s leading independent authorities;

  • Oxford Brookes University
  • Welsh Assembly Government
  • Cardiff University
  • BRE

SolarWall® also incorporated into iSBEM

Funders, designers and building owners can now adopt this technology into the initial building design using the latest version of iSBEM. Transpired Solar Collectors are particularly effective when incorporated with the Twin-Therm®/River-Therm® systems, resulting in a very high EPC rating as well as enhanced financial opportunities on the building such as asset value, yield and running costs.  The technology also has the potential to lower carbon tax as the requirement to reduce CO2 emissions increases.

To download the latest version of iSBEM, visit the National Calculation Method website by clicking here.

Transpired Solar Collectors included in version 4.0.a of iSBEM and above

SolarWall® Downloads & Information

SolarWall® Technology

The SolarWall® Technology

Figures released by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) suggest that approximately 40% of the UK’s non-transport energy consumption is a direct result of large space heating, with much of this attributed to offices, factories and warehouse facilities.
With increased pressure on businesses to become more proficient both financially and environmentally, many companies are looking towards highly efficient, holistic heating solutions which can be combined with established renewable technologies as part of their sustainable building strategy. Read More »



SolarDuct® is a modular rooftop solar air heating system based on the highly efficient, award winning SolarWall® Transpired Solar Collector. The system operates in the same manner as the standard SolarWall® collector, however the SolarDuct® system has been specifically developed for use on rooftop applications, where it may not be feasible or even suitable to utilise the traditional wall mounted system. As with the SolarWall® technology, the SolarDuct® system harnesses the suns energy to heat the ventilation Read More »

What Jaguar Land Rover say about SolarWall®

Jaguar Land Rover Academy SolarWall®

More than 80 construction industry VIPs attended a special ‘SolarWall® in Action’ event at the Jaguar Land Rover Training Academy in Gaydon, Warwickshire. Guests at the event, (which included representatives from The Welsh Assembly, Costain, Kier, B&Q, ASDA and Focus DIY) were able to see first hand how SolarWall®, has helped the refurbished building to save more than 80,000 kWh per year with an associated reduction in CO2 emissions of 19 tonnes. The SolarWall® Transpired Solar Collector Read More »

Friday, July 27th, 2012