Solar PV

Roof top PVs

The installation of supplementary solar systems (photovoltaic, solar thermal etc), onto either the CA Building Products Twin-Therm® or River-Therm® roofing systems are a subject of increasing importance.

Developers, clients and building owners are continually striving to meet the energy reduction targets set upon them whilst demonstrating their commitment to environmental concerns and compliance with ever stringent building regulations.

Both the Twin-Therm® and River-Therm® roofing systems are supplied as ‘solar ready’ in their standard delivery which allows for proprietary solar pv systems to be installed directly onto the outer roof profiles (subject to steelwork capabilities).

Due to the multitude of solar systems available, CA Building Products does not approve the particular method of system attachment. It is the responsibility of the solar contractor to propose a suitable method of connecting their system to the Twin-Therm® / River-Therm® roofing system, with the detail of attachment agreed between them, CA Group Technical Department and the associated roofing contractor prior to installation. This ensures that any guarantees offered for the roofing system are not compromised and does not restrict the type of systems used.


PV's on Built up system

It is our recommendation that the initial fixing of the solar mounting system to the Twin-Therm® roofing system is made through the ‘web’ of the roof profile, utilising a profiled clamp, fixed into position with self drilling, self tapping stainless steel fixings or suitable rivets, complete with EPDM washers. If riveted, the rivets must be self sealing to ensure no water ingress under the head or at the mandrel. A butyl strip sealant / EPDM gasket should also be applied along the fixing line between the external roof sheet and the clamp, all of which must be suitable in terms of durability / longevity equal to or better than that of the roof system.

Should aluminium clamps be utilised, these should be pre-punched / drilled prior to being secured to the roof sheet to prevent any risk of bimetallic corrosion.


Elios Solar PV

Due to the unique side lap geometry of the CA Building Products’ River-Therm® secret fix roofing system, it is not possible to use a standard ‘seam’ clamp like those utilised with traditional standing seam roofing systems. CA Building Products supply a range of profiled clamps specific to the River-Therm® system, which can accommodate both in-plane or pitched solar installations.  Please contact CA Group Technical Department for further advice regarding these mounting options.

External Roof Coatings

Where the Twin-Therm® / River-Therm® roofing systems are supplied with a pre-coated steel external roof profile (Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® or Colorcoat Prisma®), the standard Confidex® Guarantee with its maintenance free qualification will not be valid for the roof areas directly under the solar array.  Instead, a project specific warranty statement will be issued, subject to particular inspection and maintenance procedures.

Design Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the solar contractor to ensure that the roof structure along with the secondary / primary steelwork have the required capacity to cater for all addition loadings associated with the solar array. Please contact CA Group Technical Department for project specific construction details and load span tables relating to the Twin-Therm® / River-Therm® roofing systems and external roof profiles.

Friday, July 27th, 2012