Prime SFX (formerly Prime V)

Prime SFX is based on a system of interlocking cassette panels with concealed fixings.

Secret Fix Rainscreen Panel

Prime-V-Close-UpLike the PlanoWall system before it Prime SFX Rainscreen is based on a system of cassette panels which interlock on the uppermost edge, concealing the panel fixings. Featuring an increased spanning capacity of 50% and meeting all CWCT testing criteria, the system allows the designer the flexibility to create traditional or unconventional aesthetics utilising a broad range of metals, colours and finishes.

Prime SFX Rainscreen also integrates CA Groups Twin-Therm® wall and FireWall cladding system, giving the designer the utmost confidence from a single source guarantee, which covers every component within the system.

Prime SFX Rainscreen has been independently tested at Wintech Engineering in line with the stringent CWCT standards for systemised building envelopes. For more information click here.

Prime systems can be supplied in a spectrum of colours and materials, such as: Aluminium, ACM Natural, ACM Design, Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel and Zinc.

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Prime TFX (formerly Prime II)

Prime TFX is a traditional through-fix rainscreen panel system. The panels could simply be sheets of aluminium which are either anodised or powder coated.  Alternatively, the panels can be made up of a number of materials bonded together to form a composite material. These include ACM (Aluminium Composite Material), copper, plywood and steel. A key […]

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Prime RFX (formerly Prime III)

Prime RFX is a recessed fixed panel system offering visual depth for the building facade with the fixings hidden in the recess where the panels meet.   In order to obtain a clean design all of the recesses in the joint are developed so that the colour continues into the space between the panels. To […]

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Prime HPX (formerly Prime VII)

Prime HPX comprises a support structure, ,typically Prime SF which uses brackets to fix the vertical mullion hook carriage to the frame. A project-specific delivery can be developed by determining the design and wind performance requirements, enabling the hook centres and support pins to be accurately calculated. Prime HPX allows a […]

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Tuesday, December 10th, 2013