Fully CWCT Tested

Wintech Engineering carried out full testing of the Rainscreen System with CWCT (Centre for Window and Cladding Technology) on behalf of CA Group.


Responsible designers are seeking confirmation of the technical performance of rainscreen offerings.

The Prime range was extensively tested in accordance with the CWCT Standard for Systemised Building Envelopes, a leading information provider and trainer in the field of building envelopes and glazing.

Wintech Engineering Ltd is an independent UKAS accredited testing laboratory specialising in delivering a comprehensive range of testing services throughout the building, construction and allied industries worldwide.

TS011---9th-Sept-2013-021Wintech is able to undertake a vast range of Building Envelope Performance Tests including weather performance, air leakage, impact, spray bar, and hose testing. Testing is performed at their state-of-the-art facility, based in Telford, Shropshire or onsite at the required project location.

The performance criteria for CA Group’s Prime Rainscreen included water penetration and both wind and impact resistance.

The products available in the Prime Rainscreen portfolio benefit from the extensive knowledge and experience of the CA Building products team and include some outstanding features:

  • Use of flat panels for ease of transportation to allow for improved efficiency
  • Fixed holes and hooks pre-punched in our factory which aid assembly on site
  • Panels can be easily removed and replaced with minimal disruption to the end user
  • Larger panels can be re- enforced with stiffeners to meet the performance criteria of CWCT
  • Manufacturing excellence
  • Computer controlled manufacturing
  • Access to skilled tradesman
  • Quality control at all stages

At CA Group we are committed to working with our clients and their designers to develop systems which meet specific requirements. Our belief is that a systematic approach will provide a long- term cost effective solution.

All systems tested to CWCT:

 Test for water tightness Dynamic Pressure
(Wind and Water)
 Test for wind resistance Serviceability – Positive & Negative
(1200 Pa, 1800 Pa and 2400 Pa)
 Test for wind resistance Safety – Positive & Negative
(3600 Pa)
 Test for impact resistance Soft Body (Serviceability)
Approximately 1.5m swing impact
 Test for impact resistance Hard Body (Serviceability)
Approximately 1.5m swing impact
 Test for impact resistance Soft Body (Serviceability)
Approximately 3m swing impact

Prime II


Prime II is a traditional through-fix rainscreen panel system. The panels could simply be sheets of aluminium which are either anodised or powder coated.  Alternatively, the panels can be made up of a number of materials bonded together to form a composite material. These include ACM (Aluminium Composite Material), copper, plywood and steel. A key […]

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Prime III


Prime III is a recessed fixed panel system offering visual depth for the building facade with the fixings hidden in the recess where the panels meet.   In order to obtain a clean design all of the recesses in the joint are developed so that the colour continues into the space between the panels. To […]

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Prime V


Prime V has evolved from the PlanoWall Rainscreen system with enhancements made to ensure the CWCT testing criteria was met.   Like the PlanoWall system before it Prime V is based on a system of cassette panels which interlock on the top edge, concealing the panel fixings.  With Prime V the spanning capacity has also […]

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Prime VII


Prime VII comprises of a support structure which is typically Prime SF which uses brackets to fix the vertical mullion hook carriage to the frame. A project specific delivery can be developed by determining the design and wind performance requirements, this allows us to calculate the hook centres and support pins. Prime VII allows a […]

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Thursday, January 2nd, 2014