About Prime Rainscreen

Prime is our range of Rainscreen Systems which are manufactured in a variety of materials and a choice of colours, panel designs and fixing methods. The systems are suitable for a number of types of substructures including steel, brick, concrete, block and timber and can be installed in any orientation to meet design requirements.

Prime Rainscreen


The Prime Rainscreen system, from CA Building Products, can enhance the visual appeal of almost any building.

With architects constantly striving for solutions to meet their client’s requirements and creating ever more complex designs to enhance our man-made environment, we have seen the use of metal overtake concrete in many areas, becoming the preferred choice of cladding for modern buildings.

Prime Rainscreen façades consists of an additional built up system added to the elevation to minimise the impact of weather whilst extending the building’s life as well as enhancing the aesthetics. The façades comprises of a metal carrier system and panels that can be supplied in a multitude of materials and sizes.

Latest Technology


Prime Rainscreen system has been refined with modern technology. Our team have designed and optimised the Prime Rainscreen system using the latest 3D engineering technology to ensure every facet of the design has been considered and stresses simulated using FEA (Finite Element Analysis) software. Our manufacturing facility uses the latest production techniques to ensure constant panels and a dependable carrier system.

Good Looking Sustainability


Prime Rainscreen does not only enhance the built environment but also meets sustainability requirements that are being imposed on projects.

CA Group Limited has a team which are able to assist from the conceptual stages of a project all the way through to the project’s completion and are dedicated to ensuring that each project specified with Prime receives the best service possible.

Enhancing The Envelope


Prime Rainscreen is not just for new buildings. Breathing new life in to old buildings has become a requirement of the British construction industry. The advanced carrier system included with in Prime Rainscreen can be mounted on the vast majority of existing elevations, enhancing the building without endangering its structural integrity.

Prime can also be incorporated with perforated panels or mesh to incorporate LED lighting adding extra aesthetic value to the building.

Prime TFX (formerly Prime II)

Prime TFX is a traditional through-fix rainscreen panel system. The panels could simply be sheets of aluminium which are either anodised or powder coated.  Alternatively, the panels can be made up of a number of materials bonded together to form a composite material. These include ACM (Aluminium Composite Material), copper, plywood and steel. A key […]

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Prime RFX (formerly Prime III)

Prime RFX is a recessed fixed panel system offering visual depth for the building facade with the fixings hidden in the recess where the panels meet.   In order to obtain a clean design all of the recesses in the joint are developed so that the colour continues into the space between the panels. To […]

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Prime SFX (formerly Prime V)

Prime SFX has evolved from the PlanoWall Rainscreen system with enhancements made to ensure the CWCT testing criteria was met.   Like the PlanoWall system before it Prime SFX is based on a system of cassette panels which interlock on the top edge, concealing the panel fixings.  With Prime SFX the spanning capacity has also […]

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Prime HPX (formerly Prime VII)

Prime HPX comprises of a support structure which is typically Prime SF which uses brackets to fix the vertical mullion hook carriage to the frame. A project specific delivery can be developed by determining the design and wind performance requirements, this allows us to calculate the hook centres and support pins. Prime HPX allows a […]

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Tuesday, December 10th, 2013