Q9 Cladding chooses CA Building Products to help deliver retail project at Rugby

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Q9 Cladding Solutions has chosen CA Building Products to help deliver its largest project to date: 300,000sq feet of retail space dubbed ‘Rugby’s newest shopping destination’.

The project, which is currently under construction, will form part of Elliott’s Field, an established retail and leisure hub situated two miles from Rugby city centre, close to Junction 1 of the M6.

Simon Kellet, Q9’s director of construction commented: “Experts from CA Building Products have been involved from the outset, advising on the best approach and ensuring the collaboration of the wider team for optimum results, something which was essential given some of the specialist construction work which was being undertaken on site.

“The building is in the shape of a horseshoe and the units are being constructed in a non sequential pattern. The metal sheets being used on the roof are up to 30 meters in length, which means they need to be rolled on the floor prior to being lifted into place using specialist equipment.  As a result, at times, large areas of the site need to be available for sole use by the specialist team from CA, something which would not be achievable without total collaboration between all parties working on site.”

 River-Therm®, a fully-walkable cost effective solution from CA Building Products, was selected for the roof. River-Therm® successfully addresses the issue of water ingress, one of the biggest hidden costs, by eliminating the use of fasteners, which penetrate the system from the outside to the inside of the building. The system also comes with a meaningful 25-year guarantee.

Martin Lowther, Operations Director at CA Building Products, added: “The project required careful planning from the outset but once we had carried out a full method statement, risk assessment and health and safety analysis on site we were able to advise on the best course of action to safely deliver the project. We have faced some challenges, which have meant that we have had to adapt as the project has evolved, but with teamwork and constant communication we have been able to overcome any obstacles as they presented themselves. This has been a great testament to all those working as part of the wider team.”

Q9 and CA Group are working together on the project with main contractor, Barr Construction.  Work on site is expected to be completed later in the year.

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Thursday, July 16th, 2015