Sustainable Roof Brings New Lease of Life to Palatine Beds

PV array on newly refurbished roof at Palatine Beds
PV array on newly refurbished roof at Palatine Beds

Building and roofing specialist, Hodgson Sayers, has recently completed the roof refurbishment of the Palatine Beds factory in Westerhope, Newcastle upon Tyne, for client, Your Homes Newcastle, giving the old building a new lease of life.

CA Building Products supplied 11,500m² of its robust Twin-Therm® roof system to replace the existing asbestos cement roof, along with new perimeter and valley gutters.  The installation was conducted in seven phases, with the Twin-Therm® roofing system installed onto the building’s existing steel frame.

In line with Palatine Beds’ commitment to sustainability, the new roof provides enhanced thermal performance and improved air tightness, greatly increasing the building’s overall energy efficiency and helping to reduce operational costs for the tenant. CA Building Products also engaged North East based contractor Gentoo who installed a 218.75kWp PV array onto the Twin-Therm® roof system. Twin-Therm® provides a Class ‘B’ Non-Fragile, fully walkable roof assembly, ensuring safe access for future maintenance and inspection throughout the life of the PV asset. The roof also carries a meaningful 25-year system guarantee, reducing risk to the client.

Paul Cowen, Contracts Manager for Hodgson Sayers, which recently won the SME of the Year category at the Constructing Excellence national finals, explained: “This was our largest metal roof installation to date and it required a great deal of collaboration between all the parties involved to ensure disruption to those working inside the factory was kept to a minimum. Knowing that the materials we supplied were fully guaranteed and that the experts at CA Building Products were on hand to answer any queries, instilled us with a great deal of confidence.”

Andrew Brewster, Project Development Engineer for CA Group, added: “The project is an excellent example of the way in which an existing structure can be transformed using the latest innovations in roofing technology. Palatine Beds has a history of high quality manufacturing and the facility which houses the company’s state of the art technology is now performing better than ever, operational costs are reduced thanks to improved airtightness and the addition of solar panels, and roof leaks have been eliminated.”

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015