Geometrica® is hugely versatile system which can be utilised with many different forms of cladding, including but not limited to:

Profiled Sheet Built up Cladding Systems
Secret Fix Cladding Systems (Both Steel and Aluminium)
Standing Seam Cladding Systems (Both Steel and Aluminium)

Form is the most basic of architectural features: it is set by structure and defines a building’s character. More and more design professionals are discovering and specifying a structural system that provides exciting forms for landmark buildings. This system, Geometrica®, is a true new medium for architectural expression and a platform for technology to meet elegance and modern design.

Many industrial processes can benefit from expansive, column-free environments which permit the free flow of product and equipment. For these processes, traditional post and beam systems are restrictive and not efficient.In recent years, leading architects have pioneered the design and construction of long span roofs for production facilities using Geometrica®. Their buildings provide unprecedented functionality in the new plants.

Power plants, mines, cement plants, ports and many other industries need to stock large quantities of dry bulk materials. These were traditionally left uncovered, or stored in vertical silos. But open stockpiles produce dust and contaminated runoff, and silos are small and expensive. Due to increasing environmental concerns, many organizations desiring covered storage have looked for and found a cost effective way to solve their problem: Geometrica®’s geodesic domes.

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Friday, November 30th, 2012